Colombia Luis Anibal Caturra Honey – Filter


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Red apple, Sugarcane, Plum


Size : 250g

  • Region : Acevedo, Southern Huila
  • Variety : Caturra
  • Process : Honey
  • Altitude : 1,500 – 1,600 masl


  This honey process caturra varietal coffee is grown on Luis Anibal’s family farm in Acevedo, near Huila in Colombia. Anibal’s family have over 60 years experience growing coffee, and recently have been focusing on specialty coffee, experimenting with new varietals and processing methods. Now known as a pioneer in this regard, Anibal grows over 35 varietals on his farm.

  The unique growing conditions in Acevedo help to create a renowned sweet cup profile. Although the farm is at lower altitudes than others in Huila, the cooler daytime temperatures lead to a similar slow maturation of the coffee cherries, increasing the sugar content in the fruit. This is also aided by the rich soil in the region, containing volcanic ashes and clay foam. As a filter coffee, Luis Anibal’s honey caturra has a pleasing, sugarcane-like sweetness with a red apple flavour and rounded acidity.

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