Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Carafe



From the CAPSULE carafe series, KINTO is launching the new Cold Brew Carafe. The CAPSULE lid opens when the carafe tilts, allowing you to pour from any direction. The new Cold Brew Carafe comes with a mesh filter so you can easily make delicious cold brew coffee or tea.

Cold brew is a method of brewing coffee or tea with cold water over several hours. Oxidization occurs slower in cold water than hot, this means there is less bitterness because fewer tannins and caffeine are extracted. With the CAPSULE Cold Brew Carafe, delicious cold brew coffee or tea can be made in a few simple steps; place coffee grounds or tea leaves into the attached filter, fix the inner and outer lids, add water, and let it steep. Enjoy the smoother taste and the unique flavors of cold brew.